Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a 17th Century City, the second largest in Serbia, built on the banks of the river Danube. Today, it is predominantly known as the birth place and home of Exit Festival, but if you were thinking that Exit Festival is all that the City has to offer, you couldn't be further from the truth.

In this section we will summaries some of the key places of interest to help you find some of the treasures that you might otherwise oversee on your visit to Novi Sad.


Novi Sad City Center

Liberty Square (Trg Slobode) marks the center of Novi Sad. It is dominated by the Roman Catholic Cathedral (The Name of Mary Church), an architectural masterpiece, which was built from the foundations of the old Roman Catholc church damaged in the 1948 Revolution. In the bustling center surrounding Liberty Square you'll find some great local shops, street cafes and bars. This area is great for relaxing in the sun after a long, hard nights partying at Exit. 

Zmaj Jovina is the main pedestrianised street that leads off Liberty Square. Known to the locals as "Walking street", the Zmaj Jovina is once again crammed with street cafes, restaurants and small independant shops. Be sure to make time to take a walk down Zmaj Jovina, 

In my personal opinion the true delights of Novi Sad lay hidden down the side streets that feed off Zmaj Jovina. Check out Laze Teleckog Street, popular with the local Novisadniks, this street is laced with buzzing bars, clubs and restaurants. You can't visit Serbia without trying the traditional Serbian beers, locally brewed Rakija (a very alcoholic Fruit Brandy) and Pljeskavica (a ground beef patty, served in a pitta bread with veg and hot sauces). 


Petrovaradin Fortress

The Petrovaradin Fortress, lays on the Eastern bank of the Danube within Novi Sad. Built in the 17th Century, the fortress in now the home to Exit Festival and in my opinion it is probably the best festival venue in the world at present. At the time of Exit Festival the majority of the fortress is used and ready to be explored. Don't get stuck at the Main Stage or the Dance Arena, which lays down in the amazing fortress moat. However hard it is to drag youself away, take time to discover the site, the underground tunnels, the hidden stages and the main terrace which is filled with cafes and bars and overlooks the city of Novi Sad.

If you are visiting Novi Sad out of Exit Festival season, a visit to Petrovaradin Fortress is a must. Visit the Novi Sad Museum which lays within the fortress walls and take a walk to explore. The  fortress clock tower, which can be found on the large terraces overlooking the City is known as the "Reversed clock". Famously the minute and hour hands on the clock are reversed. The large hand showing the hour of the day and the small hand showing the minutes made it possible for Fishermen on the Danube to tell the time from long distances.


Strand Beach

The Strand Beach is located about 1.5km South of Novi Sad City Center, on the same side of the Danube. The beach, which is said to be one of the best on the Danube, is about 700m long and is very popular with locals. The beach can get very busy during Exit Festival but it is definitely worth a visit.

If your not sure how to find it, set off from the City Center, walk down the Western bank of the Danube for about 25 minutes and you can't miss it!


Fruska Gora National Park

The Fruska Gora National Park lays claim to some of the most beautiful countryside in Serbia. The park covers an area of more than 25000 km2 and in addition to the amazing scenic views, The Fruska Gora holds host to many countryside pursuits, together with some adrenaline fueled fun.

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