Travelling to Serbia

This pages provides up to date information on the best ways of getting to Serbia and Exit Festival. Whether you choose to take public transport, go on a road trip or fly, this page will provide you with tips, remind you of things you can't afford to forget and to let you know who to contact should things go wrong.


the Balkans

The Balkans offer an awesome range of sites and scenery just waiting to be explored, so it's well worth your while sticking about for a bit either side of EXIT and making a real adventure out of your trip.

Here's a simple little map to help you get your bearings. 

Map of The Balkans


Travelling to Serbia by Public Transport

Public transport around Serbia and the Balkans is pretty efficient and also fairly cheap. Buses between the major cities run at regular intervals and you can also get cross-boarder buses from Belgrade on a daily basis.

Trains are less efficient and notoriously slow in Serbia. The train from Budapest to Novi Sad runs only twice daily and gets completely packed in the days leading up to, and after EXIT.

All public transport into and out of Novi Sad in the days before and after the festival gets booked up very quickly. If you plan to use either the bus or train to leave Novi Sad after EXIT, then make sure you book your ticket on arrival or at least a day or two in advance.

Here are some links to the respective countries national rail websites that you may find useful:

The LOCO2 Website might also help you plan your journey if you are planning a big adventure from the UK.


Driving to Exit Festival, Serbia

If you decide to embark on a cross Europe road trip down to EXIT, then our first piece of advice is not to drive through France - the road tolls are a killer!

The good news is that in recent years it has become much easier to travel within the EU and to Serbia by car.

To drive through the EU and to enter Serbia you will need;

  • A full UK driving license
  • Vehicle Registration and Ownership Documents
  • A Valid International Driving Permit (IDP)

An IDP is internationally recognised and allows UK drivers to drive a private motor vehicle abroad, when accompanied by a full and valid UK driving license. It is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

For more information on IDP's click here.

To download an IDP application form click here.

  • Locally Valid Car Insurance

In the past a Green Card was required as proof that the driver was had insurance to cover against damage to third parties, getting insurance to drive in Serbia was a nightmare! However, from the 1st January 2012, drivers from EU countries do not need a Green Card or border insurance to enter Serbia by car. 

All UK vehicle insurance provides the minimum third party cover to drive in other EU countries. As part of the agreement made between 32 countries including the Serbia and the UK, this should also cover you to drive in Serbia. However, as different insurers offer different policies, you should always check with your insurance company before you travel abroad. Get them to send you proof of insurance for the country you are visiting and always have it with you when you are driving.

For more information on getting car insurance for Serbia, click here.


The British Embassy

The British Embassy provides useful and responsible advice for UK Nationals visiting EXIT Festival. The document below was produced for EXIT 2007; however, most of the information is still very relevant today. It provides official advice on insurance, travel, what to do if you lose your passport and how the embassy can help you if you find yourself in trouble with the authorities.

For more Serbian travel advice from the British Embassy click here.

The British Embassy in Serbia can be found or contacted in Belgrade.

Address: Resavska 46, Beograd, 11000, Serbia

Telephone Number: +381 (11) 3060 900

If your enquiry is urgent and you can not contact the Embassy in Belgrade, you can call the response centre in the UK on 0044 207 008 1500.


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