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Direct Coach Transfers from Budapest Airport to Novi Sad,
Home of Exit Festival and Back Again.
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Chartered Coaches from Belgrade to Novi Sad,
Home of Exit Festival, for Only £10

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Jazz Beach - Sea Dance Festival

Fancy a bit of beach action?
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Private Transfers - Mini Buses

Private Transfers and Mini Buses from any destination to Exit Festival, Novi Sad and back again.

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Want to avoid the queues at the border? Want to travel in speed and comfort while learning about Serbia?
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Heading to EXIT from Garden Festival?
Carrying on the Party at Hideout or Soundwave after EXIT?

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Direct coach transfers from Zagreb in Croatia to Exit Festival,
Novi Sad and Back Again.
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Direct coaches from Split to EXIT Festival in Novi Sad and back again!

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Transfer coaches from Dubrovnik to EXIT Festival in Novi Sad and back again!

 Exit Festival Transport

Into Exit provide coach, mini bus and taxi services to Novi Sad from across the Balkans during EXIT Festival. So, if you're on your way to EXIT Festival, off to recoup after EXIT, or carrying on the party at Hideout or Soundwave Festival, we'll definitely be able to help.

Our chartered coaches depart from Belgrade, Budapest, Zagreb, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik - taking you direct to Novi Sad, the home of EXIT Festival. All our buses are air-conditioned, providing you with comfortable festival transport. There is no easier way to get to and from Exit festival.

Our private transfer mini buses are ideal for large groups travelling together and will pick up from a point of your choosing. They are also recommended for those leaving from destinations not covered by our chartered coaches. We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal from 8 - 30 seats.

We also provide a quick and easy taxi service from Belgrade and Budapest, straight to Novi Sad. Booking a taxi for Exit Festival with us guarantees a fair price, without the risk of paying over the odds at the airport.