Budapest - Novi Sad - Budapest

Transfer coaches depart from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (formerly Budapest Ferihegy Airport) Terminal 2B and take you direct to the EXIT Festival camp site in Novi Sad.

Our coaches are timed to meet many of the low-cost airlines arriving in Budapest airport from the UK so check what time best suits your journey. The journey from Budapest to Novi Sad takes around five hours.

We also run private transfers from the centre of Budapest, please see our private mini bus page to check prices.

Bus Timetable:

Budapest to Novi Sad

This coach leaves from outside Budapest Airport Terminal 2B

Tue 8th July 2014
1:00pm £16.99 Sold Out
6:00pm £16.99 Sold Out
Mon 6th July 2015
12:00pm £16.99 Sold Out
6:00pm £16.99 Sold Out
Tue 7th July 2015
12:00am £16.99 Sold Out
1:00pm £16.99 Sold Out
6:00pm £16.99 Sold Out
8:45pm £16.99 Sold Out

Novi Sad to Budapest

Pickup point is by the EXIT campsite.

Sun 12th July 2015
4:00am £16.99 Sold Out
7:00am £16.99 Sold Out
10:00am £16.99 Sold Out
Mon 13th July 2015
7:00am £16.99 Sold Out